Conversion copywriting: a lesson from the kitchen sink

A simple way to get better results from your copy:

Lean into the future pains on your reader’s mind.

After all, in our imagination, future situations are much more painful (or much more pleasant) than they typically end up being in real life.

Psychologists call it impact bias.

And we all do it.

Last week, I put off cleaning up my kitchen. (For days.)

It wasn’t a big deal… wiping down the counters, cleaning out the fridge, washing a few dishes.

But I still put it off.

I built it up as a much bigger, much more arduous project than it really was.

(And I never considered how great I would feel afterward with a sparkling-clean kitchen.)

That’s impact bias in action.

When we imagine future events, we almost always overestimate how we’ll feel about them.

And you can put that to work to make your copy more persuasive.

👉 Try using future pacing negatively.

Focus the reader’s attention on the pain points and tensions they’ll continue to live with if they don’t take advantage of your offer.

Paint a vivid picture of future stresses they’ll experience… like wasted time, inefficient processes, and lost revenue.

Then, your readers will be ready to avoid all that. And you can show them how your product is exactly what they need.

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