Want to grow faster as a copywriter? Avoid this common mistake

Chris Collins
1 min readAug 6, 2022


Easiest mistake to make as a new copywriter?

It’s not charging low rates or taking on dumpster-fire clients.

It’s this:

Looking for magic pills.

Magic pills are a super-sexy temptation for beginning freelancers.

We think if we’re smart and selective, we can move forward faster without doing all the work — by pulling out our wallet.

But here’s the thing:

Everyone thinks that way.

You’re not being smart, you’re just being lazy.

When we’re tempted by a magic pill, what we really want is a result. And we think that somebody can offer us an easy way to get it.

Like shortcuts — a path to learn what we want we want much faster.

Or access to a gatekeeper — someone who knows secret knowledge everyone else doesn’t.

Overinvesting in programs was the single biggest mistake I made as a new copywriter.

In most cases you can access the same caliber of information by picking up a book for $14 on Amazon or by doing a few well-placed Google searches.

Sites like Copyhackers, CXL, and Demand Curve are a treasure trove of information for copywriters.

You’ll learn more by executing on what you learn, rinsing, and repeating.

Now, to be fair, paid programs can be valuable…

but when they are, you’re almost always paying to build relationships, not to access information.

If I could go back and tell my beginning freelancer self one thing, it would be:

Consume less. Implement more.



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